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Massage Therapy

Deep tissue sports massage, body tempering, E-Stim, Cupping, IASTM

  • 1 h
  • Starting at $60
  • Downtown Athletic Club

Service Description

If you're an athlete, powerlifter, bodybuilder, experience frequent stress, perform physical labor or sit for your job all day, you've come to the right place. Each full body service-- deep tissue, body tempering, electrical stimulation, cupping and IASTM are $60 per hour. Combo services are available for an extra $20 per hour e.g. deep tissue + cupping is $80 per hour and so forth. Feel free to email us on our website with any questions regarding services or pricing. Description of Services Body tempering is performed by applying a heavy cylindrical tempering device to a client's muscles, fascia, tendons, and ligaments. A body tempering device can be applied statically or dynamically, meaning the device can rest on you for a period of time, or your specialist can roll the device over the affected area (like a heavy duty foam roller). This aides in pain reduction, increased mobility, trigger point relief, circulation and muscle recovery. Electrical stimulation is performed by applying electrodes to a client's specific muscle group. Don't worry, your recovery specialist will assess your tolerance by slowly increasing the intensity to your comfortability. You will feel a satisfying tingling sensation. There are several types of e-stim available, however, your specialist will choose according to your needs. The types of e-stim used during massage reduces pain/muscle spasms and increases circulation/joint mobility. Cupping is performed by applying a suction cup to a client's specific muscle group. The suction cup creates a vacuum on the client's skin, the skin is gently pulled into the cup and capillaries begin to break. This procedure emulates the body's healing process by sending more blood to the area. Cupping is used for pain relief, muscle recovery and can also decrease blood pressure. Instrumental assisted soft tissue massage is performed with Graston tools in place of your specialist's hands. Graston tools are metal and designed to target soft tissues including muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments. IASTM benefits include pain relief, increased mobility, increased circulation and faster muscle recovery.

Contact Details

  • 450 South Main Street, Halifax, VA, USA

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